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To the man who pushed me to be the best that I can be.
To the man who was there to guide me through a helpful of troubles and errors.
To the man who taught me discipline and true manhood.
To the man who loved the most precious women of my life.
To the man who gave all he had to give all that I wanted.
To the man who never surrenders, never gives up, never loses faith.
To the man who inspires me to be the best man when I grow up.
To the man who accepts me for what I am.
To the man who painted to me a picture of a perfect family.

To THE man, my father, my Papang.
Happy Fathers’ Day.
I am proud to be the son of the world’s best Dad.

Dream Catcher

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A star falls

I put my fingers together

I closed my eyes

And I prayed,

Let me have a thousand more wishes

You laughed

You patted my shoulder and said,

You don’t need them, wishes

They don’t come true

Falling stars don’t make them real

You do

I believed you

Like I always do

So I started making my dreams happen

And never did shooting stars amaze me again

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